Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Why Your Success Depends On It

“You never change your life until you step our of your comfort zone; life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Roy T. Bennet

Throughout your life, there are many things you’ll encounter that you’re not comfortable with. However, stepping outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Not only do you grow as a person, but you become more confident and more experienced.

It’s a good first step to understand that this discomfort comes from fear. There are three kinds of fear we can experience. Fear of death. Fear of not being loved. And fear of failure. Fear stands in the way of taking action, taking that leap, and it ultimately stands in the way of our success.

Fear of Failure

This is the most common fear. You may feel this fear when you take on something you are unsure you are capable of doing. The reason you feel this fear is inexperience. Well, guess what. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Taking on something that you’re uncomfortable with is a lot like getting into a freezing cold pool. Just dipping your toes in the water does nothing but make you reluctant and frankly more timid to jump in. However, if you muster up the courage to jump in without hesitation, you’ll find that the water isn’t so cold after all.

Success is not a straight line.

Those who are most successful in today’s world failed time after time and their success came shortly after failing to boot. If you ask any successful individual what they attribute their success to, they’ll tell you it’s failure.

If you don’t believe me, this message is portrayed in the most recent Gatorade commercial where many big name athletes share their most significant failure, which ultimately turned them into the famous athletes they are today. It’s super inspirational, you can check it out here.

The lesson here is that stepping out of your comfort zone could result in failure. And that’s OKAY. Just remember that the next time you “fail,” success could be right around the corner.

How stepping out of my comfort zone changed my life. 

Disclaimer: Whether you read on or not is totally up to you. However, this blog is a piece of me and I use it to document and share significant moments in my life in hopes to inspire you. 

This past April, life was chugging along. I was working for a real estate team in Baltimore as their Marketing Coordinator. I was on a salary and had consistent income. I also was in the process of buying a house. I was pre-approved and nearly ready to put an offer on a house. Seems like life was working for me pretty well. Buying a house at 23, killing it, right?

Wrong. That month, I had my year review with my boss and I faced failure in the face. I was told that it was unacceptable to only bring in 3 sales from my sole efforts throughout the year and if I didn’t change things and pick it up, my job was no more.

Holy shit. I was in the process of buying a house and now my comfortable salary was threatened. What in the hell do I do? Initiate break down/panic attack.

Over the past month, I had begun to transition from operations to an agent position within the company, recently transferring my license status from dormant to active and beginning helping with showing houses. I kinda liked it, I liked being out and about instead of glued to a desk, and I loved being in front of people.

Because of my unhappiness with my boss, I decided to meet with a few other real estate teams in the area to see what operations help they needed, seeking a salary. I was offered a spot on a powerhouse team as an agent. No salary. 100% commission. All income earned would be on my shoulders. Oh god.

I realized that my happiness was reliant on me. I know I needed to make a change and I placed my happiness before all else. I stepped SO FAR out of my comfort zone and took the position. I was already halfway there being licensed, I just needed to take the leap, have faith in my work ethic to make a living, and just f*cking do it.

In the end, I took the position. I set buying a house on the back burner and am now living in an apartment in Downtown Baltimore. I can tell you all the past month has been the happiest month in my post-college career thus far. I am working on my term, doing something I love.

Most importantly, stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to take my income to the next level, earning 2x what I would have earned at my old company in a month. As I said earlier, success is on the other side of failure. I was told I failed by my previous employer and I did something about it. It made me realize I was not treated fairly, not happy, and it moved me to action and success.

I’d love to hear your story! Comment below and share a time you found success on the other side of failure or how stepping out of your comfort zone changed you as a person. 

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