How to Stay on Track While Traveling

We’re well into Summer, everyone’s favorite time to travel. Whether you’ll be on the road or heading to the airport to hop on a plane, you’re bound to shake up your typical workout routine a bit.

If we’re any bit alike, you might feel guilty missing your typical workouts and that’s okay. There are things you can do to stay as close to on track as possible. Check out these tips to help you stay fit while traveling.

  1. First, it’s important to be okay with imperfection. Chances are if you’re traveling, you will miss a workout, you’ll eat something not on track, or your hotel gym may not have all the equipment you typically use. Just remember, IT’S OKAY. Celebrate every opportunity you do get to get your sweat on, make positive choices when possible and if you’re on vacation, relax and live a little.
  2. Bring your own. If you’re able to bring health conscious snacks, dumbbells, yoga mat, or your foam roller, you’re moving in the right direction. Protein powders or protein bars are a great way to nix cravings and can be quite filling. Exercise bands or jump ropes are travel friendly and can help you still get in a killer workout with minimal space or equipment.
  3. Drink extra water. While traveling, chances are you’ll indulge in a drink or two… or five. (Hellooo vacation.) Choose less surgary drinks and be sure to drink extra water to stay hydrated. Clear liquors such as vodka or tequila can be mixed with soda water and lemon or lime to get your drink on without the guilt. If you can pick up a pack of Truly, they’re a hot new low calorie option to get your drink on with minimal guilt.
  4. Get creative. Be flexible and work with what’s available to you. Chances are your hotel gym will be a quarter of the size of your normal gym. Don’t set the expectation to have all of the equipment you typically need because you’re setting yourself up for failure. No hotel gym? Go run outside and explore the area. No weight machines? A plyometric workout using your body weight can be done practically anywhere. There’s no excuse to not at least get moving.
  5. Scout out healthy eats. While or before you travel, do your research and find close by places to eat with healthy options. The brain loves a plan and when you already know where you can get a healthy bite to eat, you’re much more likely to go with the healthy option opposed to freaking out and just grabbing what’s convenient when you’re on a time crunch.
  6. Sweat on the go. If you’re hopping on a plane, you can now sweat while you wait for your flight! Roam Fitness is a gym located in the D/E terminal of BWI Airport. A gym in an airport… what a genius idea! I recently had the privilege to try out their facilities and was super impressed. You won’t miss a beat as they have flight departure updates on the screens in their facilities. State of the art equipment, beautifully designed shower rooms to freshen up, and they can even lend you workout gear or vacuum seal your clothes so you won’t be bringing stinky workout clothes on your carryon.

Traveling can be stressful and the last thing you need is to add additional stress because you’re worried about how you’ll stick to your workout regimen. Just remember imperfection is normal, so celebrate those positive choices you do make while traveling and go with the flow.

If you’re interested in receiving a FREE Day Pass to ROAM Fitness, head over to my Instagram @fitness_alamode and follow my giveaway directions on my latest post! 

Happy Traveling!

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