Boost Your Energy! 10 Day Challenge

If you’ve been looking to really focus in on your goals this latter half of the year, increasing your energy is the first step in order to do so, and a critical one. While there are so many different ways you can boost your energy, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 cost-free, hassle-free tasks for you to try yourself.

Take part in our 10 Day Energy Challenge on Instagram completing the tasks listed below! Take photos as you increase your energy through these activities using our hashtag #10DAYENERGYCHALLENGE and at the end of our challenge, you’ll be entered to win goodies from our sponsors Vital Proteins, PressaBottle, and Gundalow Juice

  • Day 1 – Meditate
  • Day 2 – Drink 67% of your body weight in water
  • Day 3 – Catch a few minutes of sunlight every hour
  • Day 4 – Stretch it out
  • Day 5 – Take a cold plunge
  • Day 6 – Jump for 1 minute 5x throughout the day
  • Day 7 – Total darkness before bed
  • Day 8 – Breathing Technique (3x throughout the day)
  • Day 9 – Sit up straight
  • Day 10 – SWEAT with a Resistance Workout

Looking to really take this energy challenge to the next level?

We’d first recommend compounding the above tasks. For example, on Day 2, complete meditation and drink your water and so on throughout the challenge. If you’d like to up the ante even more, add some of these energy boosting activities to your daily regimen.

  • NO added sugars
  • Eat with 100% whole foods (No preservatives, no GMOs, no Gluten)
  • Increase the green in your diet (Gundalow Juice can help with this!)
  • Spend 20 minutes in the sauna
  • Try out an Acupressure mat (I love mine from ProSource)
  • Take vitamins (I take B12, Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc, and Ginseng)
  • Pay attention to your stress levels
  • Drink a good ole cup of joe (Caffeine IS in fact your friend!)
  • Test out some of the goodies from Bulletproof such as their coffee or Brain Octane Oil to add to practically anything
  • Add Collagen Protein to your diet (Vital Proteins I’m looking at you!)

PS – Big shout out to Dave Asprey and his book Headstrong for most of these ideas and giving us the inspiration to host such a challenge! We can’t wait to see all of your challenge photos! 

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