How to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Busy Life

If you’re super busy, living a healthy lifestyle can feel a bit daunting. Waking up at the crack of dawn in order to get a workout in? Forget it. Running around all day and coming home to work out when you’re exhausted? Forget that too.

Before you count yourself out for a healthy lifestyle, please read on. 

A few weeks ago, Conor and I were planning our weekend. I was sharing what I had going on. Training run on Saturday morning followed by two open houses, showing houses, and topped off with an Oriole’s game. Sunday consisted of a group workout, followed by another open house, showing houses, and then dinner together. What he said once I shared what I had in mind inspired this blog post.

“You plan your days around fitness.”

Now, I’m not the busiest person on the planet, but as you can see, I’m pretty darn busy. On top of that, being in sales, every day is a little bit different, so I don’t necessarily have the luxury of sticking to a routine. What I’m trying to point out is that I’ve made my health a priority. 

Here’s the cold, hard truth… 

You will always be “too busy” for fitness until you make it a PRIORITY! No matter how busy we are, we are all given the same amount of time in each day – 24 hours. 1 hour of time spent on fitness is only 4% of your day. Even better, 30 minutes is 2%. TWO PERCENT.  And you don’t even have to spend a full 30 minutes, you just need to care enough about your health to consistently spend at least some time on it.

Aside from really making the conscious effort to make your health a priority, here are some steps you can take to really help naturally incorporate health and fitness into a busy lifestyle.

Plan ahead.

The brain likes a plan. Put your workouts in your calendar before your work appointments. If you schedule professional duties before personal, it makes it much harder to give yourself any time at all.

I even go to the extent of putting all my workouts for the week in my calendar on Sunday. I treat each workout like an appointment that I can’t miss and I am much more likely to stick to the plan or come pretty darn close to it.

Workout in the morning.

If you’re an evening workout person, I give you props. So many things pop up during the day and if you workout in the evening, chances are there will be many times something gets in the way. Get it done and dusted first thing. Plus, it will get you in a much more productive state and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Put your skin in the game. 

It’s easy to skip when you have nothing riding on it. Whether it’s paying a good chunk of change for a really nice gym membership or paying for a personal trainer. If your money is on the table, you’re much more likely to stick to the plan to get your money’s worth.

Look for windows of opportunity.

There are likely times during your day where you didn’t think you could squeeze in some activity but you totally can. Have an extra 10 minutes on your lunch break? Walk a lap around the building or go up and down the stairs. Perhaps if you sit on the couch for 30 minutes before your morning shower, squeeze in a quick workout then. Working out doesn’t mean you have to sweat for 60 minutes, it can be as simple as getting moving.

Find a buddy.

For accountability and for fun. Working out is much better when you have a friend to get through it with. Plus, you’ll be much more likely to get out of bed if you know your workout buddy is waiting for you.

Find something you enjoy doing. 

If you don’t like running, don’t run. If you find yourself feeling satisfied after group work outs, do more group work outs. Not only is it important to find something that works with your schedule, find something you enjoy doing so you have something to look forward to instead of dread.


So if you’re a parent, I can hear you saying “Just wait until you have kids!” However, I reached out to a fellow fit friend for some advice, since she’s managed to incorporate a very healthy lifestyle while being a mother of 3, working a full time job, all on top of getting her Masters. When I asked how she does it, here’s what she said.

“Pre-planning is key. Shop several days ahead. Scheduling in workouts and making them early if my afternoons are too busy. Working out is my ‘me time.’ It’s my chance to sweat out any aggression and just be by myself for 45 minutes a day. I also check in with the fitness community on Instagram. It helps me stay accountable to others and myself. I also find it inspiring and affirming.” 
-Andrea, @eastern.shore.fierce

As you can see, living a healthy lifestyle is not just for those who have an abundance of time or who enjoy getting up before the rest of the world. It is for everyone that chooses to make it a priority. Carve out some time to yourself or incorporate it throughout your day. It doesn’t matter how you get it done, just make consistent healthy habits and over time, living a healthy lifestyle will come as second nature.


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