How to Get Back On Track and Smash Your Workouts Again

Been a while since you last worked out? Feel like you’ve fallen horribly off track and don’t know how to get back to it?

Don’t fret, I know how you feel. In fact, I just recently went through it and know many people who experience the same struggles.

As many of you know by now, I’m training for a marathon this October. Training has been long and hard, but about a month ago, I was starting to feel good with the increase in mileage. We hit 18 miles and I thought “WOW! We’re at a point where I can say less than 10 miles would be a full marathon!” My confidence in my ability to complete the race started to skyrocket.

I had been dealing with some minor knee pains prior to the 18 mile run, but I was not concerned enough to seek attention yet. I mean, running all these miles is sure to cause some soreness, right? After we hit 18 miles, I was just out for the count. I had to seek attention.

After visiting a PT place near me (shout out to Elite PT) and having them take a look, they told me the most I could run effective immediately was 3-4 miles. Shit. I have a marathon in less than 2 months! I need to keep my endurance up. I cannot afford to not participate in my long runs for a few weeks. 

I gotta admit, a lot of doubt started to set in. I needed to ramp up to 20 miles within the next few weeks. I needed to hit that to feel capable of completing the marathon. However, I listened to my PT and stuck with spin classes, resistance training, yoga, and an occasional short run.

After 3 weeks of attending PT 3 days a week and listening to whatever they told me, I was finally told my body was ready to start ramping back up again. I was allowed to run 10 miles! Excited to get back on track, I aimed to do a 10 mile run on Saturday morning. On Friday night, I laid out my workout outfit for the run, set my early alarm, prepped my backpack, and went to bed excited to get up and do it the next morning.

When the alarm went off on Saturday morning, I was not feeling it one bit. It had been over 3 weeks since my last long run and it scared the shit out of me to attack a large number of miles again, so I snoozed until it was too late. I ended up going to spin.

Sunday was out of the picture for a run since I already had obligations (long runs require a big chunk of time!), but I again got everything ready and went to bed on Sunday telling myself I was excited to get back on track Monday morning.

The alarm went off Monday morning. I snoozed. Snoozed again. And again. I was quite intimidated. I told Conor I was mad at myself for not just getting up and doing it. I just kept procrastinating. He went off to work and I told him at 9, once my breakfast had the chance to digest, I was going to get out and do it. Just f**king do it.

10 miles later, I did it.

So what happened in between the alarm on Monday morning and 9 o’clock when I said I would just go do it? And of course, how can you too get back on track?

This is of course why you decided to read this post! Here are my tips for you…

  1. Put those damn shoes ON! This is what helped me get going. When have you put your shoes on and not worked out? That’s what I thought.
  2. Start slow! This is by far the most important one. If you’re too aggressive, you’re sure to feel too intimidated to do anything at all. For me, I told myself I would just start running without looking at my watch. Once I got going, 10 miles didn’t feel so bad!
  3. Fail to plan… Plan to fail. If you don’t set “appointments” for your health, it’s so easy to prioritize other things. At the start of each week, plan your work outs and stick with them as though they are an appointment you cannot miss.
  4. Think of how you’ll feel once you finish your workout. Have you ever regretted working out? Think of that amazing post-workout feeling and let that motivate you.
  5. Increase your energy! Drink a glass of water, jump around, stand up straight and puff your chest out, visualize yourself killing your workout. All these things help increase your energy, which will in turn help you want to get out there and crush it. If you need an extra kick, my buddy coffee or pre-workout can help get you going. (I have a coupon code for Unico Nutrition by the way… “ASHTON”)
  6. Find a buddy to help get you motivated. Shout out to my girl Mackenzie for being my workout buddy. We pretty much planned the same workout routine this past week to help get ourselves back on track. It 100% helps.
  7. Find something that works for you. No, not does the workout for you. Don’t make getting your workouts in difficult. Find something that works with your schedule and something you’ll look forward to.
  8. Knowledge is power. Intimidated by something? Learn more about it and suddenly it feels much more attainable. It’s also easier to do something when you know the steps you must take to achieve it.
  9. Pay for training or group classes. When there’s money and a set time involved, you’ll make it happen. Enough said here.
  10. Think of your WHY. What is the ultimate motivation driving you? Find it and write it down. Stick it on your mirror so you’re reminded of it every day. If you haven’t discovered your why, visit my post on Finding Your Why.

Just remember, falling off track is only temporary. Don’t get in your own head thinking you’re a piece of shit for not sticking to the plan because we all fall off track here and there. Try some of my tips, find what works for you and come back to it when you need it!

I’ll leave you all with this motivational quote…

“If you’ve ever fallen down and lost your spark, get back up as the whole damn fire.” 


(PS – Praying for my knee this Sunday in my 20 miler… update to come next week!)



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