A Letter to Those Who Judge Their Fitness Success on the Scale

Dear Beautiful Human,

You should know that you are so much more than a number.

I know and understand what you’re going through. You work your ass off day in and day out. You eat all the right things. You resist the temptation to pick up your favorite treats. You slay your workout. Day in and day out.

But then it’s time for you to see how you’re doing. And so you step on that evil scale. The numbers you see will then define your happiness. You have that goal of yours in the back of your mind and as soon as your reality does not meet your expectation, it’s game over.

Because of that number on the scale, you may not think you’ve succeeded or been succeeding in your health and fitness journey. You put yourself down and then pick out every little flaw on yourself. You begin to compare yourself to others and wonder why it seems to be so easy for them to achieve their goal when you struggle with yours.

You then decide to eat less and less to minimize your calorie intake. You decide to punish yourself with exercise. You calculate just how many calories you’ve consumed and make sure you work it off and then some at the gym.

You keep up your routine and go by another week without any slip ups. You then step on the scale again with one expectation and getting a different result. A result that will ruin your day once again.


Stop putting yourself down.

Stop expecting so much of yourself.

Stop punishing yourself with exercise.

Stop obsessing over the amount of food you eat every day.

Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10.

Stop depriving yourself of all life has to offer.

Stop determining your success from a number.


Start appreciating every bit of progress, big and small.

Start finding gratitude for your body and all it does for you.

Start rewarding yourself with the gift of exercise.

Start perceiving food as fuel.

Start fueling your life positively.

Start appreciating other’s personal journey, while honoring your own.

Start living your life without deprivation.

Start rewarding yourself and your body for everything you put it through.

Start loving yourself.


A fellow fitness friend



(PC: Unsplash)

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