An Absolutely Needed Rant on “Sweating off the Holidays”

You know what really grinds my gears?

“Sweat off the holidays.”

I don’t know why I didn’t notice it last year, but it started just before Thanksgiving with all the fitness related events such as the Turkey Trot or the 90 minute spin classes to “Sweat off the Turkey.”

It seems as though indulging during the holidays has become a negative thing, so we resort to fitness as punishment. Now, the days leading up to holidays are filled with extreme workouts to make sure we sweat off every bite of dessert, every sip of wine, and whatever the heck else we eat while celebrating with family.

Excuse my french, but how f*cked up is that?!

I’ve seen a ton of fellow fitness bloggers post their tips to stay healthy/on track during the holidays. Heck, I even thought about doing a post myself but realized how much of a hypocrite I would be considering I give zero you know whats about what I am consuming during the holidays. So here I am giving you the opposite of those posts. In fact, I’ll share with you a few reasons to allow yourself to let loose this holiday season.

First things first…

The holiday season is stressful enough as it is.

We’re spending ungodly amounts of money on gifts, dealing with the stresses of travel, and aiming to please others as hosts. For the love of God, why stress about what we’re eating or how much we’re working out? There is absolutely no need to include this kind of stress in our lives this time of year.

No need to miss out on all the goodies. 

I saw this quote the other day that made me laugh while also being so true. “If you don’t gain 5 lbs during the holidays, you don’t love your family enough.” If your Grandma has a bangin’ cookie recipe that she poured her heart and soul into, are you really going to say no because you’re trying to stay on track? Don’t do that to poor Grandma!

You’re sending the wrong message to your brain.

I’m sick of the negative association between food and exercise. Food should be perceived as fuel and exercise should be a positive acknowledgement of the health and strength of our bodies. Stop punishing yourself with exercise because you ate unhealthy food. Just stop.

Avoid questions and getting made fun of. 

If you’ve always cleaned house when it comes to the dessert table and all of the sudden you don’t have a bite, it’s going to raise some eyebrows. Avoid the questioning and getting made fun of for being “so darn healthy” and just eat the damn dessert.

Amp yourself up for the New Year.

Chances are, you have some pretty serious goals you’ll be up against in 2018. Have all the treats and get out all the bad habits now before 2018 rolls around and you’re dedicated to hitting those goals. Don’t get me wrong, going cold turkey from sweets Jan 1 when you’ve developed a nasty sweet tooth won’t be fun. However, I can promise you in January when you’re missing the sweets, you’ll wish you indulged during the holidays.

You’ll be happier. 

I don’t know about you, but good food makes me happy. Nobody looks back after the holidays and says “Man, I’m SO happy I didn’t have a slice of that raspberry cheesecake.” Sounds silly huh? Yeah, not having AT LEAST one slice of that cheesecake would be silly.

Experience a beautiful thing called BALANCE. 

Health and fitness should be sustainable. In order for it to be sustainable, we must experience both ends of the spectrum, also known as BALANCE. It’s not even Christmas and I’ve already eaten about half a tub of raw cookie dough, a ton of cookies, and pretty much have a Hershey’s kiss in my mouth at all times. Granted I’ve also worked out 4 out of the past 5 days, but it was because I WANTED to, not because I felt like I needed to punish myself for all the indulgences. Accept the fact that we cannot always be perfect and must indulge so we don’t go crazy.

Go on and definitely aim to get your sweat on during the holiday season. But don’t do it to “Sweat off the holidays.” Do it because you WANT to. Do it for your WHY.

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