The 15 Most Important Things I Learned in 2017

Can you believe another year is coming to a close? I can’t! This year has been filled with so many amazing memories and accomplishments, I don’t want it to end! A few highlights from this year for me were…

  • Walking across fire at Tony Robbins UPW event in Los Angeles
  • Making the jump from my salary position to the uncertainty of being a Realtor
  • Moving out of my parents’ house into my beautiful apartment with my boyfriend Conor
  • Officially partnering with Kayla Itsine’s SWEAT Team
  • Finishing my first marathon (one of my top goals of the year)
  • Oh, and we can’t forget… starting this blog! 🙂

There’s no hiding that I experienced a tremendous amount of growth this year. With that growth, I feel like I learned so many things I will take with me going into the next year, which I’d love to share with you all. Shall we?

#1 – If it scares you, do it. 

For half of 2017, I was working as a Marketing Coordinator for another real estate team. I had a salary and was comfortable. About halfway through the year, I decided to take the leap to becoming a full-time agent, on 100% commission. It scared the crap out of me, but I have not felt one bit of regret since making the move.

#2 – Growth can be painful. 

The first half of the year came with a lot of pain and tears from facing fears and stepping SO far out of my comfort zone. One thing it taught us was that pain helps us grow.

#3 – There is so much more to health than exercise and a healthy diet. 

When I got injured during marathon training, I learned a lot about the true meaning of wellness. You can learn more about what I mean here.

#4 – You control your state. Your state determines your experience. 

From Tony Robbins UPW event, this was the biggest takeaway. You are 100% in control of your state and can change it at any moment. We really applied this concept when we walked across coals at 2000 degrees… with our bare feet. I just realized I never covered that experience through a blog post. Maybe in 2018?

#5 – Your environment at home and at work is ESSENTIAL to your success. 

My previous work environment made me miserable and I was still living at home until halfway through the year. By changing my work environment to a much more positive one and creating a sanctuary-like space at home, my happiness and productivity went through the roof.

#6 – Gratitude reciprocates.

In the beginning of the year, I read The Magic. It was an amazing experience and I found that the gratitude it forced me to practice daily helped me feel much more joy. I also found that once I started to really focus on being thankful, good things started to happen in my life.

#7 – How bad I am at disconnecting. 

Yeah… resolution for 2018? I am definitely a mindless scroller. It’s important to be present when you’re with loved ones though, so I’m really going to work on this in 2018.

#8 – You are SO much stronger than you think. 

This year I ran my first (and still… likely only) marathon. Through this experience, I learned SO much about my strength, both physical and mental. During the race, I felt like I was going to keel over and die around mile 24, but I pushed through to the finish line. It will forever be a reminder that I am so much stronger than I think.

#9 – Persistence pays off. 

Barely any clients I worked with this year worked with me on the first contact. I learned the art of follow up and learned that persistence and follow up is where the business is won. This applies to any aspect of life too!

#10 – Putting your phone in the bathroom is a great way to actually get out of bed in the morning. 

Simple, but I had snooze-syndrome a majority of the year. I recently found that by putting my phone on loud in the bathroom, I not only didn’t bring my phone to bed with me, I got up on the first alarm every time.

#11 – Taking time for yourself each morning helps get you on the right note each morning. 

If you’ve never heard of The Miracle Morning, I definitely suggest that book as the first you pick up in 2018. When you start your day on your terms, you’re happier, less stressed, and much more productive.

#12 – Stress affects you more than you think. 

Throughout the past few years, I suffered from bi-weekly migraines and had no clue as to what would cause them. It wasn’t until my PT experience that I learned the muscles in my shoulders, neck, and face tightened up from stress, causing the migraines.

#13 – The steam room, essential oils, foam rollers, and group fitness are your friend. 

My newfound loves in 2017. I wrote about the health benefits of the steam room in this post here. I’ve learned to use essential oils to heal sickness (…2018 blog post coming up). I was forced to understand the importance of foam rolling at PT and found that group fitness was an awesome way to mix things up, stay motivated, and feed off of others’ energy.

#14 – Action is more important than perfection. 

I learned this over and over in 2017. When it came to starting my blog, I wanted everything to be perfect but ended up deciding to just get my content out there and worry about the rest along the way. At work, I learned that it was better to just reach out than worry about the perfect time to call or knowing exactly what I was going to say. And recently, I was reluctant to accept that although my heart says to work out first thing in the morning and create a routine, the freedom in my fitness routine has been liberating and works, so why fix it?

#15 – Your happiness is EVERYTHING. 

Midway through the year, I was extremely unhappy at work. I was ready to buy a house but decided that I needed a professional change more than I needed to buy a house and ended up jumping to my current position, putting the house on the back burner. Remember, your happiness comes FIRST. Everything will fall into place just like it’s meant to be.

How did your 2017 go and what goals do you have on tap for 2018? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below! 🙂 Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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