9 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Workout Routine

Back in July, I shared the reasons you should switch up your workout routine. I was in the middle of marathon training and running practically every day was getting to feel draining and boring. I did have goals to hit, but everything told me I needed to find a way to spice it up.

Fast forward past the marathon and I have everything BUT a workout routine. Now, it may just be a rebellion against the strict and consistent running schedule from the marathon, but to be honest, it’s one of the best things to happen in my fitness journey. I do have a few classes I like to regularly attend, but my weekly workout schedule NEVER looks the same. Some weeks I’ll hit my gym 5 days of the week, some weeks I’ll go once and I’m visiting local studios the rest of the time.

Since starting my fitness journey, I was always one that felt the need to follow some sort of workout guide or be working towards a goal. So naturally, after the marathon, I asked people for recommended workout guides because I felt like I needed to follow something again. However, I ended up not following any guide whatsoever. I’m 100% intuitively working out and I LOVE it.

To those of you looking to spice up your workout routine, here are a few recommendations I have for you.

1 – Do more of what you like to do. 

This is one of the most important things I’ve learned from my fitness journey. You won’t feel motivated when you’re doing things you don’t like, so do more of what you do like! I love spin and hot yoga classes, so I take a weekly class of both. I hate barre and am sick of running, so I stay away from those things.

2 – Buddy up. 

Anything is more fun when you bring a friend along. Being able to chat with someone while you workout helps pass the time. Plus, partner workouts are always fun and you can find an accountability partner in your workout buddy.

3 – Make your own workouts.

There is at least one time a week I find myself walking to the gym with no idea of what kind of workout I’m about to do. When I get to the gym, I’m able to get creative with the exercises and having so much more fun making up my workout as I go.

4 – Experiment with new equipment.

It could be the bosu ball, TRX, resistance bands, or even weight machines. If you find yourself constantly gravitating towards one type of equipment, switch it up. This is also great to challenge your muscles in different ways so you don’t plateau.

5 – Switch your workout time. 

I used to be a religious morning workout person. Now, I workout at all times of the day and it keeps it interesting. One thing I will say about this, however, is that you will notice a difference in energy levels based on the time of your workout. For example, I’ve found if I workout around 1 pm, I have less power because my energy is typically a bit lower then.

6 – Change the scenery. 

I know it’s January and it’s freaking cold, but get outside! Instead of a run on the treadmill, explore some actual scenery on an outdoor run. Or, another way to switch up the scenery is to change gyms or gym locations.

7 – Try a new instructor. 

I get it. You might really like a certain spin or yoga instructor and have no desire to switch it up because that instructor gives you all the good vibes. However, a new instructor could become your new favorite and will also keep your muscles guessing, which is what you need.

8 – Set a new goal. 

When you set a new goal, it’s easy to find some new motivation because you have something you’re working towards. Maybe you’re looking to participate in a half marathon or do a certain number of pull-ups in a row. Setting a new goal is a great way to spice it up.

9 – Explore local studios & try new things. 

This is my FAVORITE tip of them all because it combines many of the tips above along with allowing you to find a new favorite spot or kind of workout. However, I know it could get expensive. I’ve used Classpass for months and allows me to explore many local studios at a low cost per month. PLUS! If you click here, you’ll get $30 OFF your first month! (That means you can take FIVE classes for $15 … hella cheap considering many single classes run around $20 a pop.)

I hope you find these tips helpful! Keeping your workout routine interesting is super important for your motivation and your progress. It’s also crucial to make sure you like what you’re doing so you can stay on track!




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